Maca and Eroxel – How do they help against Impotence?

The traditional South American medicinal plant Maca is very important. The plant is still used today to increase fertility and act as an aphrodisiac. Maca is becoming a popular superfood in Europe due to its wide range of benefits and valuable ingredients.

What is Maca?

Maca is a member of the cruciferous plant family. The Peru Ginseng plant, also known as Maca, is considered to be the Andes’ superfood. It has been grown there for approximately 2000 years. The locals use it as a medicine and food plant. It is a powerful plant that helps to fight against impotence. Maca is one of the main ingredients of Eroxel, this ensures its effectiveness in fighting impotence: Eroxel Original

Use it as a Food Plant

Most commonly, the tubers from the maca plant are used. They are slightly sweet and can be baked slowly or dried after drying. A sweet, aromatic maca porridge known as mazamorra is also a traditional dish from the region.

You can keep the maca roots dried for many years. Although the ingredients are very stable, the flavor becomes slightly musky when stored. The tubers and young leaves are edible. You can eat them raw or steaming. Their pungent flavor is similar to cress.

As a dietary Supplement, Maca

The high nutritional value of maca and its health-promoting properties make it a favorite among the Peruvian indigenous population. They eat the root of the maca plant multiple times per day. The Maca root isn’t available in Europe as a food but is very popular as a dietary supplement.

The root is then dried and ground into powder for dietary supplementation. The powder can then be purchased in capsules or tablets, as well as pure powder. You can also find Maca tinctures and concentrates. These are alcohol extracts of the Maca root.

Discover Maca

The Junin region is known as the “cradle” of Maca cultivation. The plant is native to all of the Andean region, up to Bolivia. However, it was first grown in Junin. This is still the most important cultivation area in the world. People lived in caves near Lake Junin for more than 10,000 years. In the vicinity of the lake, native people settled between 1200 and 100 BC. Maca, along with bitter potatoes and potatoes, was likely one of the few plants that could survive the harsh climate.

Maca was used by people before the advent of time as a food source and possibly also as a medicine. Archaeologists discovered ceramics containing maca traces in the region. According to legend, indigenous people discovered the plant by studying wild animals like llamas. Maca shihua is the wild form of Lepidium meyenii today. It still grows in the Andes.

Maca Effect

Maca was first discovered over 2000 years ago and has been highly valued as both a fertility agent for women and men. It is not fair to limit the plant’s fertility-promoting and increasing libido to only its benefits.

Maca tuber’s wide range of actions is due to its many health-promoting ingredients. It can be used to treat many ailments and promote health.

Maca to increase Energy and Vitality

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) assigns Maca to energy-building plants. Maca is also believed to increase energy and vitality from a Western medical perspective.

The root is rich in iron, which the body gets from it. The blood iron levels can be increased by taking Maca powder or capsules. Iron deficiency can cause fatigue and lack energy by impairing oxygen uptake and transport.

Other benefits of Maca

  • Contributes to bone health
  • improves libido
  • Can reduce anxiety
  • counteracts depression
  • increases general well-being
  • Can relieve symptoms of menopause

Maca can increase Libido

The Incas knew Maca as a plant that would increase their desire for food. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that this is true.

Scientists administered 1.5 to 3 g of Maca daily to subjects taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Subjects who had lost their libido due to SSRIs were subject of a 2008 study. Subjects who consumed 3 g of maca daily reported a decrease in desire. Gonzales et al. Their research with healthy men led to similar conclusions. The placebo-controlled, randomized study involved men between the ages 21 and 56.

They were given either a placebo or 1500 mg of Maca. The Maca group saw a significant increase in sexual desire after just 8 weeks. The blood levels of testosterone and estrogen remained constant. Maca is proven to help overcome Impotence. Because of this, Eroxel contains Maca and other very potent natural ingredients that will help eliminate Impotence: Eroxel Original