How to prevent Erectile Dysfunction with Eroxel?

Although erectile dysfunction is a taboo topic for many men it is a common problem that affects many of them. The best ways to alleviate your problems are communication, understanding and medication. Answers to questions about a topic that many men feel embarrassed by.

Definition: erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also known as familiarly impotence. Insufficient erection is the reason that 2/3 of all sexual intercourse failed within six months. There are other levels as well, but even a “supposed” failure can be a burden.

How common are erection issues in men?

It all depends on your age. A study found that between 3 and 5% of men aged 30 to 35 are in their 30s. However, 20% of men over 50 have erectile problems, and more than 50% of men over 70 have sex that does not work. The actual number could be higher, however, as the threshold for erectile disorder is very high for many men. Therefore, they are often not recorded. Additionally, weaker manifestations of erectile dysfunction are not often considered to be such and should not be taken lightly.

What causes erectile dysfunction in men?

The fact is that the elasticity of the penile tissue declines with age, and it becomes impossible to maintain the amount of blood required for erection. The biological makeup of men is to preserve the species up to the age 40. The result is that bodily functions decrease rapidly after 40 years. The abdomen gets bigger, hair becomes thinner, and overall performance and power decreases. It doesn’t matter that people are getting older. This is only a problem for men. If the partner is the same age, they will have the same sexual desires. While sexual development happens in both genders, it is less common in women because of the increased number of ovaries and final menopause. Crises in this area can often be avoided because of the greater age difference between the couple.

What other causes are there than ageing?

A reason for a poor circulation can be more than age. The fitness indicator for the cardiovascular system is the male genital organ. A quarter of a litre is required in the penis to achieve erection. The body can’t do much else if the heart or arteries are weak. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by hypertension and diabetes, as well as pelvic injuries.

A lack of essential vitamins or minerals can also cause erectile dysfunction. A poor diet can lead to calcification of the arteries and a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals. A large percentage of Spain’s population is affected by a vitamin D deficiency. However, many people are unaware of this condition. A poor diet and lifestyle could also contribute to vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy life. A blood test can detect a vitamin D deficiency and it can be treated at the doctor. There are many dietary supplements that provide potency and a mix of important substances.

In what ways can sexual remedies like Eroxel help?

Eroxel tablets can reduce the effects of erectile disfunction. They can be used to enhance and prolong erections, but only if the man desires them to; they cannot cause unwanted erections. These tablets can be compared with painkillers that temporarily relieve acute pain. However, once they are gone, the pain will still be there. It is important to discuss the issue with your partner, but not dwell on it too much. It can be a burden on you, on your relationship, and it can lead to unnecessary stress and increased impotence. However, there may be miscommunications if the partner doesn’t know about the tablet and the problem.

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